It’s not “About” me it’s all “About” you

The reason you are reading this “About” portion of the blog is probably because you want to know a little about me. As the statement above states in my real estate business it is either about my buyer or my seller. That is my focus and what I am all about.

FYI, I’m not the number one sales agent in my area. I’m not even the number one real estate agent in my brokerage not even my office. But whether you are my buyer or seller you are my number one client.

Now if that does not catch you and you are still reading on, most of my experience lies in the construction and consumer package goods industries. In the construction supply retail industry I held roles such as Customer Service Representative to a Store Manager. I have also been involved in a few construction projects of my own.  In the consumer package goods industry I provided support to various sales teams.

Now if it is about you, you are willing to lead a team which we can form to either help you buy a home / investment property or sell your home – your real estate challenge. Together we will find your needs and wants and find a solution.

In my experience I have realized that people can overcome small challenges but a team whose goal is to come up with the best options for you are better off tackling  bigger challenges.

Together we can build a team to help you with your real estate challenge.

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